You influence more than you know!

Oh wow! What a memory indeed!!!

This is Dr. Emoto. This was powerful!

A rainbow appeared, dolphins came, the elements were noticeably influenced by his presence and prayer.

If you don’t know Dr. Emoto, he is the one who demonstrates how water is effected by words/thoughts/intention/sound/vibration. There was a big exhibit in NYC subways to demonstrate his work. Since then schools have been inspired to experiment with his work by having 2 plants, each the same, but one being spoken to harshly and one being spoken to kindly. Students were to speak to the plants throughout the day as they passed by. One plant wilted and the other flourished. Can you guess which did which?

Everything is energy! Water carries the vibration that is ascribed you it. You are water! The earth is water! Your food is water! Your kids are water. Think about it. How you speak/think/intend effects yourself and others. If you want to see healthy individuals, think healthy thoughts about them.

Dr. Emoto was in Miami Beach not long before he made his transition. His message was and is SIMPLE. Even though many understand cognitively, they have yet to practice and embody it in their life and all their interactions. I still catch myself speaking harshly at times and I have been doing the work to change my ingrained habits for a long time!

Be gentle and graceful as you begin and continue to practice.

You matter. What you do, say, and think matters.

Habits take time and experience to shift. It’s work. Keep doing your best at the level of awareness you are at. Learning and growing is a social function. Communicate, interact, and be kind to each other. Of course you won’t get it right all the time, but eventually your efforts morph your reality and influence the whole.

We’ve all heard the saying “be the change you wish to see.” This is how you be that. Adjust your own mind. Learn, engage, and practice. Your influence is greater than you can imagine.

Thank you to Dr. Emoto for his lifetime of dedication and demonstration. The merit of his work is evidence based! That rainbow appearing was real, not a coincidence.

How will you see for yourself? You only know if you try.

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