Why do we hide?

It’s not okay.

People dying,


It’s not okay.

Addictions to stress, medication, alcohol, chaos, drama, hating.

It’s not okay.

Covering up the wounding,

Hiding feelings.

It’s not okay.

Bleeding in the bathroom and faking smiles in the living room.

It’s not okay.

You’re hurting, suffering, going crazy inside your brain, and body.

Trapped with hopeless feelings.

It’s not okay.

Overdrive, smoking, using, drunk driving, numbing out the pain.

It’s not okay.

Show me your heart, It’s the door.

The gateway to get through this pain.

It’s going to be okay.

Walk with me. Talk with me.

Tell me your story.

Make sure you listen to it too.

It’s going to be okay.

Even if it’s the first time you’ve heard who you are.

Keep telling it until you get it.

Accept it and allow it.

Love it and forgive it.

It’s okay.

You’re okay, everything you’ve been through is okay.

How you responded, how you didn’t, it’s all okay.

It’s okay.

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