Grief & Joy

Updated: Feb 24

Sometimes I am so much into the feeling of things that I can’t formulate the words to express. Today was one of those days. I was feeling the grief and the joy of life. Becoming aware again of what it is to be, to really live, honor, and celebrate life.

Though I am not currently in an active process of grieving or aloneness, I have been there. I’m sure you have been too.

Today I am curious how do we move on from the past. How to we create the future. How do we let go of that which we have loved and has loved us. How do we step into that which we have dreamed of without guilt, fear, or uncertainty. How do we believe in that which we have no evidence of yet. How do we balance, trust, and continue. How do we be present for what is? How to we seize the moment in freedom and joy? How do we take our life into our hands and make the most of it?

Holiday’s can be complicated. They serve as markers to remember years before. They can be heavy and light, happy and sad, good and bad, past, future, and present all at the same time. My heart was full of grief and joy for those who have gone, and those who will go, even for my own transient life.

Wondering how do we get by? How do we continue? How do we do this thing called life right? Recognizing there are no right blanket answers, but there are simple rules to live by which I will do my best to outline.

  1. Breathe - even when it hurts

  2. Follow your joy - even when (you and) others don’t understand

  3. Forgive it all in advance - we are all doing the best we can

  4. Continue - move in the direction of least resistance

  5. Remember - if you breathe, and go with the flow, you float

  6. Give - as ever your heart feels free to

  7. Receive - let the love in

  8. Relax - everything outside of you is out of your control

  9. Show up - you are already here

  10. Express yourself - even if it’s not perfect

  11. Love - its the currency of life

There are so many more things that are important to remember as we proceed. How do you be?

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