Isolation List of Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I do isolation pretty well.

Otherwise in my current state of emotional distress, mental upset, dream bust, confusion, and attachment, I’d probably be engaging in all sorts of unhealthy behaviors.



Casual sexing or sexting

Superficial attention seeking


Binge eating


Devious thinking


Nit picking



I’d be spiraling down the drain until I reached up for a grip probably creating more snags in the matrix.

I’ve learned to sit. To be still. To get busy in productive, nurturing, healthy ways. To calm and soothe the chaos of my mind. To focus on something other than the thing I am trying not to think about. Rather than just thinking “do not think about that” because all that remains when you are done scolding and cohersing yourself is “that.”

I’ve learned how to reverse my mood by doing things that create the desired attitude best for my wellbeing. (see blog: Reversing Engineering Your Mood) I’ve learned to watch my thoughts, witness my emotions, write, meditate, trust. These things are my rod and my staff. The whip that clears illusions and brings me to safety where I am protected and nurtured.

Spiraling and pulling others in is alluring. It’s chaotic. Dramatic. Kind of like a scary movie. And if you are an adrenaline junky it may be hard not to press play, get glued, and watch it again and again.

I’m more of a romantic comedy gal. I like to watch things that educate me and influence me in positive ways. I recognize that I create my world by my attention. What ever I give attention to, I consume, it becomes part of me, and becomes my reality. You can’t expect yourself to starve. You can eat carrots instead of Cheetos until you're full or you have satisfied your need to chew.

The reflex to consume, to suck, to mash and mull over that which is in our field is primal, innate, automatic. So instead of eating the poison, again and again, and wondering why you feel so sick, bring goodness into your field. Mash and mull over gratitude for a while. Suck on love. Bite into trust. Consume peace and so shall you be. And so shall you see.

I’m trained. I’m a dedicated student. I’ve practiced solitude. Isolation. Yin. I’ve come to love the deep dives into who I am. Uncovering treasures and garbage, and being fascinated with all of it and creating something magnificent.

How to get to magnificent:

  1. Resist the urge to self sabotage.

  2. Think things through.

  3. Listen to your heart.

  4. Be patient.

  5. Get curious.

  6. Expect a turn in the road.

  7. Get busy doing something that is fun, cool, or meaningful.

  8. Be present now.

  9. Look for the good.

  10. Understand change is the only constant.

  11. Move, dance, walk, run, drive.

  12. Be Grateful.

  13. Write, read, listen, express.

  14. Distract yourself away from distress.

  15. Just say 'no.'

  16. Go to nature.

  17. Breathe, like your life depends on it. (It actually does.)

  18. Remember, you have a 100% track record for surviving everything life has thrown at you thus far. You got this!

Ironically Written Pre-isolation on March 2, 2020

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