Reverse Engineering Your Mood

(I teach a whole workshop on this, but I'll give you the gist because it's important that you take care of yourself.)

So let's say you are depressed, worried, anxious, sad, angry, you name it. You want to be healthy. You understand that these kinds of emotions cause disease. So you are motivated to turn this mood around because it is good for your health to do so.

How would you like to be feeling?

Happy, peaceful, calm, relaxed, joyous, elated, blissful, free, grateful?

Your choice!

These are all great choices that support overall health.

Now, you have plenty of life experiences to draw from. Tune into the feeling state. What activity do you do, or have you done, that produces one or more of the healthy feelings? Think! Remember!

Do that!

Even though you aren't feeling healthy and happy now, and it is probably going to take quite a mustarding to get you up and moving in the direction of your joy, go!

On the flip side, if you know something really stresses you out, and you see it approaching, or you are approaching it, quick, go a different way!

Change it up!

You already know what you get if you proceed; stress, disharmony, disease. So even though this other way may be unknown, get curious, and go for it!

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