Acclaims From A Beating Heart

A poem came out today...

Acclaims From A Beating Heart

I’m strong

And I’m not fucking around.

A cry comes pouting out.

I’m weak I think.

But those tears fall through the cracks of pain that I overcame.

Breaking open is all the rage.

Let the light in, let the light shine out.

Meanwhile I’m aching and shaking and puddling into oblivion.

But I’m strong.

It’s a paradox.

As I dive deep, so deep, beyond where I can reach, I loose sight of the light, and there is darkness, so much darkness.

Forms and shapes make their way into my mind and I can’t tell if they are real or imagined and what it even matters.

Diving these long hauls I surface with something, something intangible but palpable. It’s soft and it’s gentle. It has a slight smile. It’s hopeful and it’s dreadful and it’s believable.

I’m on the surface and I’m beyond the surface. Paradoxical tricks that the mind can’t keep up with.

I puddle, to reform, again and again and again and all I realize is the luminous nature of everything and how we all desperately hold on to the darkness to not be blissed into oblivion.

Beyond Beyond Beyond

Strength and weakness are the same with an opening instead of a wall.

The admirable qualities that make a person more luminous, more in their human-ness, more beyond their walls come from the brokenness, the breathlessness, the reckless abandon at the edge of their tolerance.

It’s the deep dives into the painful, gleeful, disintegrating darkness that one may recognize the all-consuming light and become truly indistinguishable and beholden of their precious darkness.

Is this weakness? Or am I strong?

February 4, 2022

Acclaims From A Beating Heart

Lisa Ralston

For Monika ✨🙏✨

With great gratitude to Terryann and the Breakthrough BodyTalk crew.

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